Arsenal to miss out on Higuain; Arsenal linked to Brazilian prodigy

By: Lachlan | July 21st, 2013

So I guess there isn’t much to do but to take another look at the transfer news as it progresses.

I guess the biggest one today is that it has been reported that Napoli have agreed terms with Madrid for the signing of Higuain – believed to be in the region of £32 million. It sounds pretty legitimate to me and it makes sense given the fact that Napoli have just sold their best player for more than £50 million last week. If I’m going to be honest, I think £32 million for him sounds like a bit much, but if Napoli are willing to pay it then Arsenal are going to have to pay it as well if they want top quality. I don’t think we will, but I have no doubt that we should. If we are willing to pay more than that for Suarez we should absolutely be willing to spend it on Higuain.

It has also been reported that the only thing holding back Higuain from signing at the moment is the fact that Napoli want 100% of his image rights, which would cut down the money he is currently bringing in from sponsors (I read somewhere £2 millionish each year on his 50% that he has with Madrid). If that’s the case then I think Higuain should look no further than Arsenal. I’m sure his sponsors would much rather he played for a bigger club like Arsenal than Napoli, and I’m sure they would be willing to pay him more if he were playing at Arsenal as well. The rumour is that he will be paid £120,000 a week at Napoli, which sounds like a good number for him. However, once you take out his image rights its not so flash – £80,000 a week.

I honestly think Higuain would be a top signing for Arsenal. He is not as flashy a signing as Suarez or Rooney would be, but he is honestly just what we need – a decent sized striker who knows how to slot in goals and trouble defences. With the players who would be in behind him (Cazorla, Walcott, Podolski, Ox, Wilshere, Ramsey), I’m not convinced we need a player like Suarez who can ‘create his own shot’.

People have talked about us not having enough players who can change a game by themselves quite a lot. Whilst I agree with this to some extent, I think we are too used to having Van Persie or Fabregas in the team. They want a player like Bale who can win you a game that you absolutely don’t deserve to win. As nice as that would be, I’d rather stick to deserving to win many of our games and trust the players that we have to create and convert chances.

Anyway, I don’t honestly see us signing Rooney or Suarez, so I’m really not sure where our next striker will come from. Wenger has made comments about a new striker being about numbers, not Giroud, which suggests he is after another striker. It does, however, cast doubt over whether the striker would be above or below Giroud in the pecking order.

I think Giroud is a great player, and I suspect if he were our starting striker again for the whole season, then he would likely have a better season than last. However, if we look at the teams who were above us in the table last season, he wasn’t really of the same quality as those teams. I would love for him to play alongside another striker in a different formation, but if we are going to continue to play a lone striker, I want the new one to be a starting XI type signing.

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In other news, there have been extensive reports linking us to a young Brazilian playmaker named (hang on while I look him up) Bernard. Sounds like he is quite the player, but I’m not really going to comment on that. If you search him on google you will find all these articles rattling on about why the Gunners should sign him, written by journalists that have probably never seen him play. Mental.

Reports say that we are willing to put down more than £20 million on him. If Wenger pays that for someone that none of us have heard of and not £32 million on Higuain I will finally hit breaking point I think.

The source of this rumour seems a bit dubious, but nontheless, it seems like an Arsenal type signing (other than the price tag of course).

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  • Rico

    Hey all, what gets me is that Suarez is a horrible, greedy, diving, racist cannibal who has to serve 6 match ban in the new season. Why Wenger is going for him and willing to pay £40,000,001 and not 32 million on Higuian is confusing and annoying.
    I doubt we will be buying, again, anyone this transfer window.. well anyone of that significant.

    I don't want Suarez at Arsenal!

  • bobjcanada

    I agree; I don't want Suarez either.
    Why AW wants him is completely unfathomable; it goes against everything he's tried to do in the last 8-10 years; paying stupid amounts of money for a huge name, plus the guy is nothing but problems.

  • LachlanS

    Well Suarez has come out publicly, stating his desire to leave. Makes things a bit more interesting now...

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